Why Brainhack ?

BrainHacks are collaborative events that focus on the open sharing of ideas, models, code, and data. They bring together brain experts and enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds to build relationships, learn from one another, and collaborate on projects related to the neurosciences.

The theme of this year's Brainhack Toronto is Individuality in the Age of Big NeuroData which is an effort to advocate for the exploration and development of tools related to inter- and intra-individual variability across multiple scales (gender, sex, diagnosis, etc...). The exploration and Neuro-Diversity has immense practical utility with the emerging personalization of both disease treatment and understanding of brain function. Participants at BrainHack Global Toronto 2019 will have opportunities to work with like-minded scientists through either submitting an organized project or engaging in one. We also encourage new programmers and students/scientists to participate, we will provide learning opportunities through both our extensive Python Neuroimaging Workshop, and Guided Projects to help kickstart your growth as a neurohacker!

Join us on Mattermost in the #brainhack-toronto channel to join the community and start planning your projects!

Dates: Nov 13-15, 2019
Cost: C$30 for registration with onsite breakfast & lunch
Location: The Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, 250 College St., Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1R8


This three day event will bring together local scientists and trainees in neuroimaging from institutions across the region. The program will include:

  • Open hacking sessions in which attendees will work together on projects of their own design. Attendees are encouraged, but not required, to work on projects exploring the theme of Individuality in the Age of Big NeuroData. Project inspirations could stem from other projects proposed by attendees, ongoing work you're involved in, or new research areas that you've been waiting to have an opportunity to jump on! This is a great opportunity for fruitful collaboration and to explore areas of software development, computational modelling, and data analysis.
  • Two Panelist Discussions will take place in this year's BrainHack Global Toronto. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen in on and engage with panelists in a themed discussion featuring leaders in science (Panel 1) and industry (Panel 2).
  • Neuroimaging Workshops to help you get up to speed with current practices in open-source and reproducible neuroimaging analysis using Python.
  • Guided Projects are fully specified projects meant to get you up to speed with collaborative programming within the context of Neuroscience. You'll be provided with various avenues for contribution in a project exploring variability from different perspectives and modalities.



This year we will feature two panelist discussions:

Science Panelists


Industry Panelists



BrainHack Global Toronto 2019 will feature a one-day workshop in order to enhance the computational literacy of neuroscientists across all levels. This year will feature a one-day neuroimaging workshop developed collaboratively by scientists and analysts across multiple institutions in Ontario and Quebec. In this workshop attendees will learn about data organization standards in neuroimaging (BIDS), in addition to fundamentals in handling neuroimaging data in Python. Finally we'll explore open-source packages built in Python and use them to handle and analyze both Diffusion MRI and Functional MRI data. Workshop resources can be found here: Python Neuroimaging Workshop

Guided Projects

Will be announced...

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Project Ideas

Open hacking projects are a great forum for getting support on a technical issue from your own research program or starting a new collaborative project. Check out our full project listing or suggest your own. Those who submit the first 5 projects will be rewarded with FREE REGISTRATION.

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